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I love working with great wedding planners. Wedding planners take a fantastic day and turn it into an exceptional day. I love their attention to detail, because it’s often the combination of lots of small little things that add up to an outstanding wedding day. The best planners use their extensive experience to help their couples avoid problems that can happen on a wedding day. They make sure the day flows smoothly without any hiccups. No big gaps where nothing is happening. The wedding guests never go hungry or thirsty and always have the best time.

Andy's photography is classy, fun yet intimate. Every time we look at our photos we feel the energy that was in the room.

Laura & Nathan, the Gambas



Working with top wedding planners is a dream. They understand that great photography doesn’t just happen. Like any art, it takes a little time and when a wedding planner allows a photographer time to create art, the results speak for themselves. They ensure all the suppliers on a wedding day are looked after so they can each focus on delivering their best work for the bride and groom.

If you’re a wedding planner and are looking for a photographer who isn’t precious and is a great team player, I would love to have a chat.

I have experience working at many of London’s top venues, including The Dorchester, St Pancras Renaissance, The Rosewood, The Hilton Park Lane to name just a few.

I have photos from weddings at these venues that for privacy reasons I can’t share online but if you get in touch I can share them with you privately.

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