Same-Sex Wedding Photography

There’s always a special buzz that goes along with a same-sex wedding…

It’s hard to put a finger on what it is. Perhaps it’s just the feeling that it wasn’t always possible, and now is, and that is awesome, because as cheesy as it may sound, love wins! Same-sex weddings are a celebration of diversity, acceptance and above all, the connection between two brilliant people. Because they’ve only been happening since 2014 in the UK, they still have a feeling of ‘new’ about them, which means they often seem even more special. Love is love, though, and weddings are full of it, whoever is getting married!

london same-sex wedding photographer

Real emotion

It’s a real privilege that I am able to document same-sex weddings and be so close-by as couples get married. Weddings are days when emotions run high and I’m so lucky to be to able to document those emotions with my camera.

london same-sex wedding

Love is Love

Your wedding is your day and is all about you two and your story. I love helping tell that story with my camera, so that you can forget about me and just enjoy your day surrounded by your family and friends. Same-sex weddings are such pure celebrations of love, they’re addictive to me as a wedding photographer.

london routemaster wedding

Joyful people

It’s such a joyous occasion when two people get married, and at same-sex weddings, it often feels like there is even more joy!

Perhaps it’s because same-sex weddings weren’t legal until 2014, and now they are allowed, it’s just a long-overdue explosion of love, happiness that can now be expressed in the form of a beautiful day. Or maybe it’s just because the wedding guests of same-sex couples know how to let loose!


fun wedding party photographer

The parties are wild!

I don’t think it’s a secret that the LGBTQ know how to let their hair down; just look at any Pride celebration!

I love photographing a good party, and I’m right there, on the dancefloor, getting up in the party, because I always want my photos to remind the viewer of how it felt to be there; to be in the action, not on the side of the action, looking in.

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two grooms bow ties

Andaz Hotel Wedding

Brian and Mohan had a beautiful civil wedding ceremony at Old Marylebone Town Hall and then a wildly fun reception at the Andaz Hotel next door to Liverpool Street Station in London.


Livestreamed Wedding

James and Matt tied tied the knot in front of their closest friends and family at Bow registry office, and a few thousand others watched at home as their wedding was live-streamed over the web.