London Fields Wedding Photography

London Fields Wedding Photography


As soon as I met Charlie and Andy last year, I knew their wedding was going to be a fun one, because they are a brilliant couple who love to party. And they didn’t disappoint. More about that later!

Charlie and her bridesmaids got ready for the day’s events at the Malmaison hotel in Farringdon. Charlie’s brother, also called Andy/Andrew (there were a lot of Andys around that day), was going to walk Charlie down the aisle, and he was chilling with Charlie and her bridesmaids in the morning. He was pretty interested in what went on in a bridal suite before a wedding, so it was enlightening for him…

Charlie and Andy had an incredible old Mustang from the 60s as their wedding car, and it took Charlie and her brother to Islington Town Hall, where the ceremony was to take place. Meanwhile, Andy the groom had been calming his nerves with most of the wedding guests in the pub across the road.

Charlie and Andy are so obviously made for each other. It was an emotional wedding, with no shortage of teary moments – but all tears of happiness. It was a joyous ceremony – the bridal party danced into the ceremony to the sounds of ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ by Michael Jackson. The guests and even the registrars joined in, clapping away with huge smiles on everyone’s faces.

Following the ceremony, the guests headed off to The Brewhouse at London Fields Brewery, whilst I went off with Charlie, Andy and their families for some group photos, before the families left for London Fields, leaving me with Charlie, Andy and an awesome vintage car (and its driver of course!). We couldn’t drive with the top down, though, as we couldn’t ruin Charlie’s hair! So we did some shots with the car safely parked up in a side street 🙂

Arriving at the venue for the evening, there were brilliant speeches, loads of booze, plenty of food, some more food (post-dinner pizzas? Yes please!), followed by a lot of dancing. At the end of their first dance, it rained confetti, which is one of my favourite types of weather pattern….

The party carried on until after midnight, with some full-on shapes being made on the dancefloor. Like I said earlier, these guys know how to party!

Massive thanks to the happy couple for having me along to photograph their London Fields wedding- I had an awesome time. Huge love and best wishes for an incredible, long and happy life together.


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