James & Matt’s Livestreamed Wedding

James & Matt’s Livestreamed Wedding


Matt has been a client of mine for a couple of years in his job as part of the communications team at Stonewall, the leading LGBT charity in the UK. Naturally when I heard he and his boyfriend were having a London wedding, I wanted to be there!

Matt’s new husband, James, is from Sydney (a place close to my heart, having lived there for a few years), and works as a journalist for Gay Star News, a popular online destination for the LGBT community. I first met him when I was photographing the Pride March for Stonewall in 2016, they seemed like a great match then so I was chuffed to get the chance to photograph their big day.

Gay Star News was going to be live streaming the wedding on their site, so in the run up to the big day, James and Matt featured in various online videos, like a trip to a jewellers to buy their rings.

The big day itself started in the Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, where Matt and James had a lovely suite with a balcony overlooking London city. I took a few photos of the happy couple in their bespoke dressing gowns which a friend gave them as a wedding gift, before they filmed another quick video for Gay Star News.

We then headed to Brick Lane, or just behind Brick Lane, to an area with loads of cool graffiti and street art, where we had a bit of time for some portraits. We had so much fun we almost ended up being late for the registry office in Tower Hamlets.

The lovely civil ceremony was streamed live to an audience of 4000 people across the world, including many of James’ Australian friends and family who were unable to make the big trip to the UK.

Following the ceremony, the wedding party and guests went for a boozy lunch, at which point I left them for the afternoon, before I joined them again for the evening festivities.

The evening was spent at Farley Macallan where there were plenty of colourful outfits, emotional (and hilarious) speeches, and lots of wild dancing.

I had a blast, thanks James and Matt, it was a pleasure and honour being your same-sex wedding photographer.

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