Chelsea Wedding Photographer

Chelsea Wedding Photographer


Jess & Ru are a brilliant pair of people whose London wedding I was privileged to photograph a couple of weekends ago at the start of August.

I met up with Ru and his ushers in the Cadogan Arms on King’s Road in Chelsea, where they took some time before the ceremony to have a relaxing drink and shoot some pool. Everyone including Ru was in a very relaxed mood, looking forward to what the afternoon and evening had in store. Before they had finished their first game of pool I made a swift exit to zip around the corner in my car to the Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington, where Jess was getting ready in a suite with her best friend Anna. It wasn’t long before they were joined by Ru’s mum and sisters, and it quickly changed from a fairly relaxed scene to a slightly more hectic one with 7 people in a room. Jess got into her stunning vintage style dress and I jumped back into my car to whizz back over to Chelsea Town Hall, back on the King’s Road. It wasn’t long before Ru and his ushers walked up from the pub. They were hurried inside so as not to catch a glimpse of Jess arriving in her very cool Karma Kar.

After a lovely ceremony featuring violin music played by Jess’ own sister, everyone drove North West to Kensal Green, where more friends were waiting for their arrival at a drinks reception in Paradise. The drinks started to flow but only for an hour or so when everyone was shepherded down the road for five minutes to the super cool Dock Kitchen, where the rest of the evening would be spent. The beauty of being a London wedding photographer is all these cool places I get to see and work at!

Jess and Ru arrived through a tunnel of confetti throwing friends and family. Canapes appeared, as did more drinks, whilst some guests entertained themselves on some ping pong tables.

Dinner soon arrived, but not before Jess and Ru both gave short but lovely speeches. Halfway through dinner there was a break for the best man and maid of honour to speak, before dessert and cake were served.

Following dinner, everyone moved downstairs into the funky, cavernous basement, where Jess and Ru shared their first dance. The rest of the evening was spent dancing to some classic wedding tunes, whilst some guests stepped into the photo booth I had set up to permanently immortalise their drunken state whilst holding some fetching fancy dress props.

Huge congrats to Jess & Ru! Wishing you many, many happy years together.

p.s. here are some photos 🙂

chelsea pub
groom groomsmen pub pre-wedding
groom wedding pocket-square
pre-wedding groom pub playing pool
wedding shoes
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bridesmaid prep
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laughing bride during wedding ceremony
bride groom holding hands
london wedding ring exchange
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chelsea town hall london wedding confetti
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