James + Freya’s wonderful wedding: planned in just SIX weeks!

James + Freya’s wonderful wedding: planned in just SIX weeks!


I had the time of my life on Saturday photographing the wedding of one of my good university friends, Freya. She was marrying the love of her life James and they have both been living in Dubai for several years now. Hopefully they’ll come back at some point!! They did come back for a week to get married but they’re back off to Dubai on Wednesday just four days into their new married life.

I love photographing friends’ weddings because I get a great sense of satisfaction of capturing the magic of their day, and as a friend I feel I have an inside track on the people and what photos will work and what won’t.

The amazing thing about this wedding was the speed with which it was arranged – just six weeks from getting engaged. I think you’ll agree that’s not long but despite that the wedding went off without a hitch at the beautiful countryside hotel, Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire near Ware. Other friends of the bride and groom pitched in to help with organising different aspects of the day, which was a lovely gesture from all involved.

The weather held out and didn’t rain during the day at all, which was a great slice of good fortune because after midnight it started raining and didn’t stop for most of Sunday!

The music was provided by a band called The Newtown Centres, who rocked the tunes out all evening.  The university crew always get a little wild at these shindigs and this was no different – the lipstick came out (yes on the boys too) and the ties went around the heads. Made for some great photos.

I shared a sneak peek of the bride and groom on Facebook yesterday but I’ve not really stopped processing the photos since Sunday afternoon because I’m so excited to share them with Freya and James.

Congrats again to Freya and James! Love you both.

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