London Wedding Confetti

I love being a London wedding photographer

Every wedding day is incredible. In my eyes, London is the best city in the world. So being a wedding photographer in London is, therefore, an amazing job that I am super lucky to do. Weddings happen in the blink of an eye. The build-up is often so long, and then before you know it, the day arrives and it whizzes past. Your wedding day, which you have been planning for so long, is suddenly just a memory. The trouble with memories is that they have an annoying habit of fading. That’s why I fell in love with London wedding photography, because photos can trigger your memory to remember moments that you might otherwise forget. Moments which you will love to look back on for years to come.

Andy, wedding photographerI’m Andy…

… a wedding photographer with a passion for taking photos that couples will treasure forever. I just love photos that capture the energy, emotion and feeling of a fleeting moment.

Capturing lifelong memories

I’ll be there, close by, when you experience fleeting moments first hand, but you’ll hardly notice me and my camera. I want you to see the photos from your wedding day and feel like you are there again, lost in the moment.

Remember the unforgettable feeling when you saw each other for the first time on the day. Laugh again at the best man’s one-liners. See the unmistakable look of pride on the face of your parents.

Your story is unique to you and your wedding is a celebration of just that. I’m a storyteller at heart and I love using photos to tell the story of you and your day.



A little bit about me

I’m a food-loving, coffee-drinking travel lover from London.


I fell in love with photography as a hobby before being lucky enough to turn it into my job. Every time I photograph a wedding, I get excited because I’m able to tell another story with my photos. And love stories are the best stories, right?!

Jewish wedding

Documentary photographer? Reportage? What’s my approach?

Documentary wedding photographer, reportage wedding photographer, photojournalistic wedding photographer, they’re all the same. I capture the day as it unfolds; the big moments but also the subtle little ones.


I’ve been taking photos for over seventeen years so I’m confident at taking beautiful photos in any environment, be it bright summer sunshine or a dark winter day inside. I’ve photographed weddings as the sun sets behind the couple, in midday sunshine and of course inside many beautiful venues, which often play host to London weddings thanks to the somewhat unreliable weather.


Italy Dinner

Love travelling? Getting married abroad?

Having your wedding abroad is a great way to make it even more memorable. I’d love to travel from London to be your wedding photographer.


If it’s going to be the best day of your life, why not make it the three best days of your life? And why not get married somewhere where the sun is always going to shine? Okay, I’m not suggesting you get married in Northern Scandinavia, but if you were, I would love to be there. I’ve shot weddings in Colombia, Italy, Israel and love adding to that list. I’d love to chat to you about your destination wedding.

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